Some Decoration Ideas from PT Composite Solutions That You Can Choose


Some Decoration Ideas from PT Composite Solutions That You…

In an idea and design, it is certainly very important in choosing several things to make a building or room look attractive to look at. Moreover, another important thing is to choose a high-quality installation service. For this reason, we from PT Composite Solutions are here to meet all your needs.

PT Composite Solutions is the sole distributor of Green Resources Materials which presents a variety of interior products that are environmentally friendly and use sustainable materials. The materials used such as forest wood and some environmentally friendly plastics. Some of the parts and decorations that we present such as Outdoor Wall Paneling, Indoor Wall Paneling, Celling Panel, Roofing, Louver, Flooring, Decking, Skirting, and many more.

Every year, PT Composite Solutions is also present in enlivening various exhibition events that introduce various products and product advantages that can be an inspiration for decoration for consumers. For example, at the Indobuildtech Expo JCC event in 2019, it presented various decoration innovations that became an interesting choice.

For example, like a rounded room with natural wood material that you can place in the room. In a mini room made of wood can be placed a workbench that will provide privacy, especially if used as your workspace. In addition, there are also wall panels that use thin wooden materials that reinforce the classic, minimalist impression that gives the appearance of a house that is quite unique to live in.

Then at the IndoBuildTech Expo event in 2022, several other latest innovations were also presented by PT Composite Solutions. Starting from the ceiling panels with various shapes and designs ranging from thin wooden lines to the use of a full one rectangular wood. In addition, other innovations that we present such as wooden cabinets with unique designs. As well as various wooden tables and chairs with minimalist designs that will beautify the appearance in your home.

Now for those of you who are interested in various wood design and decoration products from PT Composite Solutions, you can directly come to our office and showroom at Grand Orchard Square, Block B-07, Jalan Terusan Kelapa Hybrida, Kelapa Gading, and North Jakarta. You can also contact our marketing contact at 021-29375858 or 021-29375888.

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