Exhibition decoration ideas with PT Composite Solutions products


Exhibition decoration ideas with PT Composite Solutions products

In an event or exhibition, usually one of the things you want to show is how the display or exhibition you want to show to consumers or visitors. Usually, various companies or brands will choose various types, materials, and designs of stands or booths so that when an event or bazaar is held, it can attract many visitors to want to see and feel the products they are exhibiting.

Before determining the idea or design of the booth that you want to exhibit, the important things that you need to pay attention to is to pay attention to various aspects before your brand or business will participate in a bazaar or exhibition event that you want to participate in. One of them is by choosing what event your brand or company wants to participate in. Because by choosing the right event, it also affects the market segment you want to target.

There are a lot of decorating ideas for exhibitions that you can apply according to the theme, suitability to the event, or follow your personal branding. Starting from colorful ideas if you are targeting the market to young people. Or maybe elegant design ideas that can be customized especially for formal and prestigious exhibition events. Or you can use cheerful ideas that really want to strengthen the fun and energetic impression of the brand that you have.

And no less important than providing an attractive booth display or place to exhibit is to provide various attractive offers or discounts specifically during the exhibition event. Because that way you will indirectly bring your brand or company closer to the target consumers you really want to aim for. Because basically with some of these things it will certainly give a much more positive impression and impact.

Well, no less important is also to choose a design consulting service for the needs of quality events and exhibitions. We from PT Composite Solutions are ready to meet your immediate needs for various needs for ideas, designs, and high-quality exhibition booth manufacturing products.

We are the sole distributor for Green Resources Material products based in Jakarta under PT Latrade Batam Indonesia. We provide a variety of products with WPC or Wood Plastic Composite materials that are not only environmentally friendly, but also use wood materials that can be recycled and meet quality environmental standards. These wood materials can be used for various uses of making exhibition booths that can be customized with various design ideas according to consumer needs.

Starting from the use of design ideas for Outdoor Wall Paneling, Indoor Wall Paneling, Celling Panel, Roofing, Louver, Flooring, Decking, Skirting, and many others that can meet your standard needs for quality exhibition booth manufacturing materials.

We have also been trusted by various large companies and brands with high quality manufacturing and installation quality. So for those of you who are interested in a variety of quality products and materials for various design needs and exhibition booths from PT Composite Solutions, you can directly visit our showroom and head office at Grand Orchard Square Blok B-07, Jalan Terusan Kelapa Hybrida, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Or you can call our marketing phone number at 021-29375858 and 021-29375888.

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